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Rules of cute.

References and a better looking and interactive explanation on cuteify. Inspired by a brilliant little exhibit at the even brillianter Exploratorium in San Francisco. 

I love all these simple and brilliant explanations of things at Sketchplanations.


When visual recording.

Do: Structure and organise information as it’s said

Do: Write big - aim for letters at least 2in high

Don’t: Change people’s words

Most of what I know about visual recording from Jump Associates and The Grove.

Simple things to keep in mind when doing visual recording.

Readmill Blog: It's here. Introducing Readmill for iPhone



We love reading. So much, in fact, we wish we could do it all the time. Problem is, pulling out an iPad on a train usually raises a few eyebrows. Luckily, we have great reading devices in our pockets: our phones. With high-resolution screens, they’re just as a good as paper. So the…

Readmill is as close as you get to a physical library. You get the joy of exploration and discovery, subtle but worthwhile social interactions, and an exceptional reading experience combined with the ability to save and share your reading highlights.

Gmail pullout compose window

This should be well received by all the power users of gmail, and as long as it’s not done in a confusing way for non-computer proficient users it should be great.

Iron Maiden ( Somewhere Back In Time ) – The Trooper - 1998 Digital Remaster

Doesn’t get much better than this.

(Source: Spotify)

Sony Music Timeline from Rob Antill on Vimeo.

Attention-seeking is something we often do when we’re uncomfortable, though – when we need to remind the world we’re still there. And the strongest feeling I get from my recently-acquired Kindle is that it’s comfortable in the world.

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First open-source, first theme, first release

Sketchy Thoughts is a playful, fun and inspirational Tumblr Theme inspired by the creativity that only pen and paper gives. It’s small, focused and degrades gracefully in older browsers.

This is my first open-source theme, my first Tumblr theme and the themes first release.